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Tomberlin's Strut Monster- The Official UTV For Turkey Hunters

turkey 2It's the night before the hunt. I'm lying in bed going through my mental checklist; gloves/check, decoys/check, hat/check . . . and as I think about prepping my gear, my mind wanders to the morning. The anticipation is growing and I know there is no better feeling than the thrill of the hunt.  Waking up opening morning before the sun, pouring coffee into my thermos, pulling on my boots, and heading out onto the trail to my blind.  I can tell it's going to be a great day.

The morning is cool and crisp. I can smell the sweet dew hanging in the air as I breathe in the day. I know the birds are still in roost and I have time to enjoy the sunrise over the valley while I wait for the turkey strut that is sure to manifest itself before my very eyes. I grab the keys to my UTV and hit the trail. I reach my blind, set up my decoys, and start making 'chirps' on my diaphragm call. Then I hear it. The sound of feathers swooshing as the turkeys descend from their roosts, followed by the return gobbles that start my heart racing. I know it's only a matter of minutes before I'll see the Tom - beards, spurs and all - strut out of the trees and boast his tail feathers in front of me. My anticipation is growing and I start to take aim. . .

There's only one problem. I realize that I am still in bed dreaming of the perfect opening morning. Something was off. What was I missing?  Then it hits me.  My perfect opening morning was sabotaged before I even got to my blind.  My gas powered UTV would have disturbed the turkeys in roost and drove away other wildlife as well. The noise and smell of the gas engine would have diminished the crisp morning air. I shouldn't have been able to hear the turkeys descend from their roost; they would have been long gone by the time I reached my blind. I would have been anxiously waiting to see if they would return at all after being so suddenly awakened. The sun would have risen without the sound of the feathers in the trees and not a single chirp or gobble would have been heard. Maybe day two would bring me better luck.

Or, maybe I'll make my own luck and prevent that nightmare. Any hunter knows that the right gear can make all of the difference on a hunt. For turkey hunters, there is only one ideal UTV for the trail- The Tomberlin Strut Monster.

 The Tomberlin Strut Monster is 100% electric, making it noiseless and environmentally friendly with no smelly gas emissions. The Strut Monster is also equipped with a strong and stable tubular steel exoskeleton and both front multi-leaf spring, dual shocks and rear dual coil springs, dual shocks. This makes the ride smooth and keeps your supplies secure.turkey 3

Being 100% electric has plenty of other benefits including cost savings and going green. With an average cost of only 3 cents per mile, the Tomberlin Strut Monster can save hundreds of dollars a year in fuel costs alone. There is no messy lubricants or oil like that of a traditional combustion engine meaning no hazardous waste to worry about either. An on-board smart charger makes it easy to plug into a standard 12 volt outlet. The Strut Monster has regenerative motor braking allowing for any unused energy to be recycled back into the battery.  The Strut Monster has a max speed of 15 MPH and a distance rating of up to 40 miles  on a single charge allowing it to go further longer.

There is plenty of storage on the Strut Monster. Front and rear cargo decks provide more than enough room to haul a blind, firearm, harvest, and other supplies. it also has two glove compartments to keep smaller belongings safe and dry.  The seats are marine grade vinyl which ensures that it can withstand the elements.

The Strut Monster is covered with Mossy Oak Obsession. It comes with both front and rear 2"X2" prewired hitch receivers and a winch. Intuitive controls, side rails, and an optional suntop enforce the high standard of safety that is found throughout the Strut Monster. It is because of these features and more that the Strut Monster is ready for anything the trail has to offer.

As the realization of my dream sets in, I know my new plan for the morning and can rest easy.  I know it will be a successful season when I'm at the wheel of my Tomberlin Strut Monster. Safe, simple, rugged, and powerful. This is what makes the Tomberlin Strut Monster the ideal UTV for turkey hunters.

You, too, can have your dream hunt realized with Tomberlin's Strut Monster. For more information about the Strut Monster visit or visit your local dealer.

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