Electric Street Sweeper towed by a Payloader

Payloader towing street sweeperGreen Sweep, from Highland CA, has selected the Columbia Payloader to tow their innovative electric street sweeping solution. It is a quiet, efficient, affordable solution for use in areas where previous solutions were either noisy or labor intensive.

From Green Sweeps Website:

"The Green Sweep is an entirely new concept in small street sweepers. Its meant to fill the void between push broom and diesel – or gas-powered street sweeping trucks and parking lot sweepers, this battery-powered, all-electric street sweeper can be used during school or business hours without disrupting students, staff, visitors or shoppers. Built as a multi-purpose, all around property maintenance tool, it is clean, quiet and effective. The green sweep parking lot sweeper comes with a host of bonus features that keeps streets and surrounding landscapes tidy, green and peaceful."

Visit Green Sweeps website today. 

Payloader towing street sweeper


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