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The Leader In Low Cost Of Ownership

MoneyIts no secret that Columbia was the first manufacturer of work vehicles to eliminate gas engines and commit 100% to electric. There were many factors that led to this decision, with low cost of ownership being a key contributor. Electric work vehicles continue to gain market share and are the dominant choice now and will be in the future.

There are many reasons why electric is the winner in low cost of ownership. In October 2016, with gas prices at recent lows (about $2.50 a gallon nationally) a head-to-head test yielded a fuel cost of 3 cents a mile for electric and 8 1/3 cents a mile for gasoline! An average usage is 13,000 miles per year or approximately $690 in fuel savings alone! As gas prices increase, the cost advantage of electric will become even greater. However, the cost of fuel is just the tip of the iceberg for savings, as the following points clearly show.


Added expenses for gasoline engines that Columbia vehicles DO NOT have:

  • Cost of coolant and lubricants
  • Cost and maintenance of carburetors and fuel injection systems
  • Clutch and transmission systems maintenance and repair costs
  • Cost of gasoline storage facilities
  • Higher parts cost More frequent maintenance
  • Greater downtime for repairs and maintenance
  • Increased hazard insurance costs

But the direct costs dont paint the complete picture. Gasoline vehicle operators also have to deal with EPA requirements, fluid leaks, slow off shore parts pipelines, and personal injury due to engine heat and mechanical systems. And lets not forget the danger of exhaust fumes to those working on and around the vehicle!


There are a number of other advantages that contribute to lower cost of ownership for Columbia electric vehicles. Compared to gasoline counterparts, our vehicles have a longer life, higher resale value, and are more reliable.

Columbia is also designing more of its vehicles with replaceable panels so that when part of the body is damaged, it can be replaced without replacing the entire shell. For instance, with the Summit Utilitruck, you now can replace a dented or damaged panel quickly and far less costly than replacing the entire body.


One of the long-standing arguments used by gasoline vehicle manufacturers is the belief that gasoline powered vehicles will stay on the job longer than electric. Columbia has neutralized that argument! We work with each customer to understand how the vehicle will be used, where it will be used, and what loads it will need to carry. Armed with this information, we design a battery pack that will stand up to the tasks it needs to face. Furthermore, the built-in charging system can be plugged into any 110 volt receptacle between jobs and will be ready to go as needed.


Our vehicles are designed to be the best today and for many, many years to come in every customer application. The acquisition cost is comparable to gasoline vehicles, yet our electric vehicles are the clear durability, performance, and value leaders. Thats why one of the best-known, most revered American consumer electronics companies has just chosen Columbia to provide the electric vehicles for its new campus!

PayloaderMake no mistake about the electric work vehicle marketplace: Columbia is driven to deliver Inspired Solutions That Move Our Customers! This is why we are the innovation leader that will and does customize any vehicle to meet and exceed each customers expectations.

If Columbia electric vehicles arent the first you recommend to your customers, you arent giving them the best vehicle, best solutions, and best value for their needs! 

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