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Columbia Innovation - 2010’s [Part 4]

Over the last three decades we have shown how Columbia has been a world leader in electric vehicle innovations. From the 1980's to the 2000's, Columbia has set the standard for battery usage, structural integrity, and design. Although the 2010's are not yet over, Columbia has already introduced two game-changing innovations to its customers.  These technologies are paving the way for new applications for operators and owners even as they continue to be developed.

Columbia has developed an independently operating "drone" vehicle. This specialized vehicle operates on a fixed track among remote facilities and performs specific repetitive operating functions.  Technology of this caliber may be available for general warehouse application in the near future.

MVP Application1

Columbia also has a new model of the Multi-Vehicle Platform (MVP). This new model is designed with a modular rear end with dual rear axles, two separate motors, and a redesigned battery compartment. These innovative modifications have allowed for the MVP to increase its load capacity to three tons!

These new technologies are only a sampling of what Columbias engineers are working on this decade. As the world evolves around us so will the technologies that make it work. That is why Columbia strives to provide inspired solutions that move their customers in all possible applications.  Columbia is constantly on the look out  for its newest innovation and believes that they can design any vehicle for any application.

Since the 1940's Columbia has been able to provide efficient, cost effective, safe, and reliable electric vehicles to fit its customers industrial and commercial needs. Columbia wants to continue to share their values, performance, and their unwavering focus on building vehicles that exceed the expectations of customers in their highly competitive and rapidly changing world.  Columbia has already proven through previous innovations and technological breakthroughs that they are a world leader in the electric vehicle industry.  As a leader in electric vehicles, Columbia continues to live by their mission, "inspired solutions that move our customers" and they cannot wait for you to join them for the ride!

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