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Electric vehicles for the Government

Electric Summit Vehicle lined up in parking lot

Yes, Columbia ParCar is providing solutions to the Federal Government at an increasing rate. Obviously, we are providing high quality electric vehicles at a fair price or the General Services Administration (GSA) would not select us as the transportation provider when evaluating quote requests. The GSA is the -go to source- for all departments of the Federal Government including the Department of Commerce, National Parks Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of the Army, Department of the Navy, United States Marine Corps, Department of the Air Force, FAA, FCC, Department of Transportation....and on.....and on. To date we are the proud recipient of the largest order for LSV's in history! That, in itself is a great endorsement for Columbia ParCar. But, what is the rest of the story?

The GSA conducts an annual audit of the Companies with which they do business. It is a detailed audit; the result is pass or fail. A failing grade terminates the contract. The fact that Columbia ParCar has maintained a contract with the GSA since 1999 is testament to our integrity, strength of product, reliability and trust.

These are qualities new customers seek and repeat customers demand. Contact Columbia or your nearest Authorized Dealer today to experience "the rest of the story".



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