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1. Columbia Honors Award Recipients At Partner Conference
(News Releases)
Columbia honors award recipients at their partner conference. See who helped make 2017 one of Columiba's best years yet.  Columbia would once again like to congratulate all of our dealers on ...
Created on 30 January 2018
2. Tomberlin's Strut Monster- The Official UTV For Turkey Hunters
(News Releases)
... decoys, and start making 'chirps' on my diaphragm call. Then I hear it. The sound of feathers swooshing as the turkeys descend from their roosts, followed by the return gobbles that start my heart ...
Created on 22 January 2018
3. Columbia Shuttle Donated To Circus World Museum
(News Releases)
... Our fleet of Columbia Shuttles have transformed our guest services and operational model. Our guests - whether returning or visiting anew - LOVE the carts. Instant relief can be seen on their faces where ...
Created on 07 January 2018
4. Columbia Invests In Students Futures
(News Releases)
On November 14 & 15, 2017, Columbia hosted their Dealer Partner Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  A high point of the conference was ...     On November 14 & 15, 2017, Columbia ...
Created on 18 December 2017
5. Columbia and EnerSys Make A Big Announcement
(News Releases)
Columbia Vehicle Group, Inc., a leader in electric work vehicles and EnerSys® (NYSE:ENS) are pleased to announce . . .  Both companies touted the NexSys® battery option and their growing ...
Created on 14 November 2017
6. Columbia Welcomes Their New Territory Sales Manager
(News Releases)
   Columbia welcomes their new territory sales manager.   Columbia Is Excited To Welcome Their New Territory Sales Manager Columbia is excited to welcome Scott Kallner to its ...
Created on 19 September 2017
7. The Leader In Personal Service
(Solution Stories)
... responses, etc. Thats why we provide direct access to the person(s) you need to reach. Whether it is Scott, our COO, or a key department head, we provide their direct phone number so that you can ...
Created on 30 August 2017
8. The Leader In Value
(Solution Stories)
... physical looks with automotive quality paint. It isnt just the stronger metal in the chassis and body or their superior components. It isnt just the superior battery design and configurations. ...
Created on 26 July 2017
9. Leader In Reliability
(Solution Stories)
... produced for sale. We overbuild our vehicles to help ensure they will exceed customer expectations in their work environment. We have a team of personnel who are constantly testing ...
Created on 30 May 2017
10. The Leader In Low Cost Of Ownership
(Solution Stories)
... for their needs!   ...
Created on 14 April 2017
11. Columbia Is The Leader In Vehicle Safety
(Solution Stories)
... ergonomics. We know of no other manufacturer that puts their designs through this level of testing before a single vehicle is produced. And once a vehicle has passed that stage, we continue to test and ...
Created on 14 March 2017
12. Columbia Is The King of Customization
(Special Vehicles)
... an assembly line, Columbia partners with each customer to determine the best vehicle solution for their needs. It may be a standard unit with specific extras, require a significant design change, or even ...
Created on 28 February 2017
13. Columbia Innovation - 2010’s [Part 4]
(Solution Stories)
... that make it work. That is why Columbia strives to provide inspired solutions that move their customers in all possible applications.  Columbia is constantly on the look out  for its newest innovation ...
Created on 07 February 2017
14. Columbia Innovation - 2000’s [Part 3]
(Solution Stories)
... of older processes and the increased cost effectiveness of the vehicles. Columbia was able to achieve these through their innovative efficiencies in both battery power and structural integrity. Over ...
Created on 31 January 2017
15. Columbia Innovation - 1990’s [Part 2]
(Solution Stories)
... to provide better solutions to their customers. One such improvement was the mechanically variable (pot box) system of speed control. Previously this system was not always reliable, as joints would fail ...
Created on 24 January 2017
16. Innovation - A Competitive Advantage [Part 1]
(Solution Stories)
... in decreased repair time and lowered the chances of shell damage, resulting in savings to their customers.   With the introduction of the front wheel camber and the two-part clamshell design in ...
Created on 17 January 2017
17. Columbia Donates Vehicle to the Efforts of the International Crane Foundation
(News Releases)
... protect cranes and their ecosystems The International Crane Foundation now actively supports approximately 100 cranes on site and the preservation efforts of all 15 of the worlds ...
Created on 06 January 2017
18. Columbia Hires New After Sales Director
(News Releases)
Al Balk has a passion for supporting dealers by providing a level of service that exceeds their current expectations from a manufacturer... Reedsburg, Wisc. For Immediate Release Columbia ...
Created on 31 August 2016
19. Stockchaser Redesigned
(Product Updates)
... know the elements of the Stockchaser that have a major impact on their ability to do their job are just as good or better than they were before. Strength - Columbia's Stockchaser has the industry's only ...
Created on 01 August 2016
20. Columbia Completes Tomberlin Acquisition
(News Releases)
... applications” said Todd Sauey, Chairman of Columbia ParCar. As part of their strategy to create the world’s leading privately held EV company, consisting of the Columbia brand of commercial electric ...
Created on 18 May 2016
21. Columbia’s Most Recent Success Story
(Solution Stories)
... on a routine customer check-in and walked out having solved a problem that had been plaguing this company for a very long time: their warehouse was in dire need of a vehicle that could retrieve parts from ...
Created on 14 March 2016
22. Columbia to acquire Tomberlin assets
(News Releases)
... robust market launches of new Dealer offerings and expanded parts & accessories programs. Until this transaction closes, the companies will maintain their separate business operations. No other details ...
Created on 16 April 2015
23. Seats Inc. Named "Large Manufacturer of the Year"
(News Releases)
... in manufacturing. It celebrates the successes of manufacturers in the state: their innovations, philanthropy, technological advances, commitment to customer satisfaction, and quality jobs." Seats was ...
Created on 27 February 2015
24. Columbia now available to U.S. Communities members
(News Releases)
... can help U.S. Communities and its partnering agencies reduce their green house gas emissions, combat reliance on foreign-oil, and lower transportation costs." Based in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, Columbia ...
Created on 24 February 2015
25. New Product Engineering Manager
(News Releases)
... engineering activities related to Columbia's products and their creation. He will also be responsible for maintaining continuous improvement. Mr. Vandezande will report to Scott Breckley, Columbia's Chief ...
Created on 23 July 2014
26. Electric Vehicle Innovators Select Columbia
(Solution Stories)
... the smooth operation. Department heads love how the paint job and custom logo further enforce their brand identity. Get in touch to discuss how your company or agency could take advantage of the benefits ...
Created on 18 April 2014
27. Cross country drive to benefit veterans
(News Releases)
Columbia to drive low speed electric vehicles from coast to coast to raise money for wounded veterans and their families. The Drive for Veterans will be travelling from the Pacific... Columbia ...
Created on 04 October 2013
28. Columbia launches new electric vehicle
(News Releases)
... to complete all of their community and leisure travel in one vehicle that is fun, practical and stylish. "While the styling of the Eagle is fresh and distinctive, drivers will be equally impressed with ...
Created on 25 September 2013
29. Electric Street Sweeper towed by a Payloader
(News Releases)
Green Sweep, from Highland CA, has selected the Columbia Payloader to tow their innovative electric street sweeping solution. It is a quiet, efficient, affordable solution for...  Green Sweep, ...
Created on 26 August 2013
30. Can I make my electric vehicle go faster?
(Tech Tips)
You may have heard of people who have "souped up" their vehicles to travel at speeds exceeding 25 or even 35 miles per hour. Read on to find out why this is a terrible idea, even if the legal implications ...
Created on 15 July 2013